So Obama’s cabinet keeps getting smaller as his appointments check their tax records (“Oh, hey, look at the time!”), and now Republican Senator Judd Gregg backs out of commerce — a post already abandoned once when Governor Richardson was caught with his hand in the pay-for-play cookie jar — because Gregg couldn’t stomach Comrade Obama’s trillion dollar Slushulus Package.  And The Messiah has only been in office three weeks.  If the fate of America weren’t at stake, this would be funny.

Congressional Democrats promised a bipatrisan bill and a 48-hour public review period for any stimulus bill, then wrote it in a closet and still (9 p.m. Central Time, Thursday February 12) have not disseminated the full bill even to Congress, much less posted it online for public review, and they want it voted on tomorrow, February 13.

So I’m wondering.  Is this massive incompetence, chutzpah, hubris, stupidity, or what?