that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,”

Okay, so something is true regardless whether it is popularly believed, whether the government approves of it, etc. etc., because that is how the world is.  And we can find out what some of those true things are just by looking around. 

So, after looking around, what did America’s Founders  find out?  That people are “equal,” that there is a Creator God, and that there are “rights” that all people have not because a government gives them or because a particular person takes them from others, but because that Creator God “endows” each person with them.

First, this document describes a particular kind of universe with a particular place and role for human beings.   I think that’s obvious so I’m not going to waste any more time on it.   But you should listen carefully to political leaders today for whether or not the kind of universe they describe is the same one the Founders described.

Oh hell .. anyone else getting bored with this?  Me too.  Long and short: Conservatism is a revolutionary ideology.   It’s not the revolution of the “proletariat” which will always end up strengthening an elite and the State at the expense of individuals.  It is the revolution of individualism, i.e., Everyman, at the expense of the State and the “elite.”  That’s the whole point.  Go forth and dissent.