You gotta love this.  Some guy named Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber in Ohio, asked Barack Obama (The Messiah and Dear Leader) a question.  In response, Barry said (paraphrasing), “I want to spread the wealth, like a good communist.”  Now remember, all Joe did was ask.  The One made the statement.

And who does the Left, I mean the media, investigate and pillory?  That’s right.  Joe. 

Mr. Wurzelbacher is now the subject of lefty hyperventilating over whether he was a “plant,” whether he’s related to Charles Keating — would that matter? — and Daily Kos even published personal information including his address.  The City of Toldeo is investigating the status of Mr. Wurzelbacher’s plumbing license.  More investigation is going on about Mr. Wurzelbacher than has even been done about Senator Government, I mean Obama.


Because the Left and the media know that Barack screwed up.  And they are pissed.  Senator Government all but confessed to a socialist agenda.  Whether or not Mr. Wurzelbacher was a plant is irrelevant.  It’s Obama’s answer that is so damaging.

So what’s the part you gotta love?  An average American asks a question of a powerful man, and gets crucified for it.  Yet the Left claims the mantle of being about speaking truth to power and the importance of the little man.  I call bullshit.