The American “experiment” is a radical departure from anything that has gone before it.  Although many of our best laws and customs come to us from England, the difference here is the idea that the common man can govern himself, without oversight and regulation by any “elite” that knows better.  Even England has a King and a House of Lords.  This American concept of radical self-governance entails a trust that individuals can live in freedom; economic freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and association, freedom of education, and freedom of self-defense.  And it has unleashed an economy and a culture the power of which has never before been seen.  I’ve discussed this in greater detail in prior posts.

But if Barack Obama wins the next election, every one of these freedoms will be called into question.  You can already hear the drumbeat of increased regulation over the marketplace, even though it was in fact regulation itself — The Community Reinvestment Act and the creation of Fanny and Freddy — that caused the economic problems now being blamed on “lack of oversight” and greed.

You can already feel the chilly breeze against free expression in the Obama campaign’s threats to shut down television stations for running “inaccurate ads” about Obama’s abysmal Second Amendment record, his claim that any attack on his past is somehow “racist,” and the overall effort to squelch any criticism of Obama at all.

You can already see the “free press” lining up behind Obama to the point where so-called news articles are written that assert arguable propositions — for instance that Palin’s comments about Obama’s Ayers connections were somehow racist — as fact.  Polls are intentionally skewed, leads are left unfollowed when they involve Obama, and so forth.  Fortunately, today there is the Web and talk radio (as little as I listen to it) where leads get followed and non-official media opinions are expressed.  But there are old and new laws being readied that will without doubt be put into place to squelch even these sources of free expression.  Recall the “Fairness Doctrine,” which requires a radio station to air “the other side” when presenting one side’s view.  That would kill talk radio — which is the point — because no one wants to listen to it — hence the fate of Air America.  And there are laws being conceived today to control the content of blogs and other web sources.

Worse still, an Obama presidency would result in the elevation to the US Supreme Court and the Federal Appellate Courts the kinds of “legal minds” that refuse to be restrained by such things as history and precedent, but instead want to mold the law into something they in their modern wisdom can admire.  Foreign legal sources — with their elitism and disregard for radical individualism — will be dragged into the courts to replace the concepts that the Founders of this country wrote into our Constitution.  The Constitution will be remade into a top-down governing document that strengthens the hand of government in the lives of Americans, rather than — as it is and as it was envisioned — a bottom-up set of barriers against the hand of government. 

You can almost smell the disdain for the common American in the hatred of the left and of the Obama campaign for the background of Sarah Palin.  She is not one of the elite.  She is not Yale educated.  How dare such a commoner pretend to be capable of wielding such power?

The attitude of the left toward Palin’s commoner roots is a dead give away.  The left in America no longer believes that Americans can rule themselves, and wants to convince us of that fact.  Americans need overseers, to protect us and feed us.  Listen to the rhetoric the Obama campaign uses to sell itself in these final weeks.  They feel our pain and want to give us things.  They know we are frightened and want to make it better.  All of their rhetoric is aimed at persuading Americans they are only helpless victims, who need a champion to rescue them.  Preferably one with the proper elite background.

Everything about Obama stinks of autocracy, and distrust of American individualism, and the installation of a system intended to bring the American experiment to an end.

Defend Freedom — Defeat Obama