The National Rifle Association, of which I am a member, has taken out a series of ads stating that Obama is a danger to Second Amendment rights of US citizens.  The ads are true, and there is an article defending them at the Volohk Conspiracy which is better than anything I would have done.  While Factcheck dot Org has a piece claiming the ads are wrong, they rely entirely on Obama’s campaign statements and staff for that conclusion.  Well surprise, Obama thinks the ads are misleading.  The unfortunate part is that even in light of the Volohk piece Factcheck still has not changed their analysis.  They’ve become of a piece with the major media and its bias for Obama.

Anyway, none of that is my concern here.  What bothers me is that Obama has written — or rather his lawyers have written — to television stations airing the NRA ads none-too-subtly threatening their FCC licenses for airing “misleading ads.”  Pile on that the fact that pro-Obama prosecutors and sheriffs around the country are assembling “truth squads” — Orwell help us — to threaten people who make misleading statements about Obama during the campaign.  Who decides what’s misleading?  Apparently, if Obama is elected, he will. 

Which is worse, Obama’s threat to the Second Amendment or his threat to the First?

Obama has to be stopped.