Latest meme now being quoted in introductions for the New Messiah, “Jesus was a community organizer.” 

This all started with a Daily Kos “reader’s” quip, that Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.  This of course is meant to contrast Obama and Palin, respectively.  Anyway, the quip really simply exposes the quiper’s (quipor’s?) ignorance of basic history.  Jesus was not a community organizer.  He did not stir people up to petition the government, or fight to get the Romans to remove asbestos from the shepherds’ hovels.  He didn’t start a revolution (in the political/military sense anyway), lead protest marches, play class or racial politics, and he didn’t organize anything.  Okay, maybe the Last Supper.

Pretty much all Jesus did was walk around and talk, and said pretty much nothing any different than what was already in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible.  And then he was crucified, and, Christians believe anyway, resurrected.  And that’s it. 

Also, Pontius Pilate, while a governor under the Roman system, wasn’t anything like a governor under the American system.  He wasn’t elected by the people he governed, for instance, and I’d wager that unlike Sarah Palin he did not have an 80 percent approval rating in his governed territory.  I don’t know that, I’m just saying.  I invite any historian to correct me.  Pilate also was in favor of the Bridge to Nowhere.  Okay I made that up.

Anyway, this is now the introduction for Obama at his little campaign talks.  He is a clown.