Sorry — Getting bored with that topic about human nature and all.  Anyway, I think you can see where that was going.  Because of the nature of human beings you cannot make a government that is going to change them and make everything happy and huggy.  Governments aren’t able to do that because … those governments contain humans, who have that human nature thing.  So forget about massive government programs and helping everybody through government mandates.  Not gonna happen.  In fact it just makes things worse.  See, e.g., Soviet Russia, Communist China. 

For this election, that’s one of the choices.  McCain is not enough of a small government type for me, and Bush flat sucked at it, but either one of them beats the pants off of Obama or Clinton.  Either they believe human nature is different than it really is, or (and far more likely) they never considered the role of human nature in connection with the issue of governing humans.

Anyway, there was a lot more to be said about the nature of rights and law and stuff, as a result of human nature, but I’m tired of it.