Okay, what?  Article fretting about this. Here’s a guy who is (a) not an American citizen, (b) was not on American soil, and (c) was working to destroy the society and the constitution of that society that upholds rights for its citizens against self-incrimination. And the news media fret that he wasn’t read Miranda rights.

So what? He doesn’t have Miranda rights. Items (a) and (b) would prevent this guy from claiming the protection of the American Constitution. But for Criminy’s sake, doesn’t item (c) figure in here, too? Do we have to coddle with Constitutional rights the very people who want to destroy that Constitution because it is man-made law and NOT (updated) “direct from God” like the Korahn? Is the Constitution a suicide pact?

No, of course it isn’t. And the answer to this issue is exactly what the military court held. Guy ain’t got no Miranda rights, so shaddup.