Saint George is the parton saint of England and the country of Georgia.  April 23 is his feast day, the date tradition holds he was martyred for refusing to persecute fellow Christians as ordered by Caesar in 303 A.D.  The most famous story of St. George goes as follows:  In Selena, Libya there was a dragon who terrorized the townfolk.  The dragon at first demanded two sheep every day to eat, but soon the townspeople ran out of sheep, and the dragon demanded people.  The towns people drew lots every day to see who would be the dragon’s next meal, and one day the King’s young daughter was chosen.  The king offered half his kingdom to anyone who would take her place (well, that person’s heirs, I suppose), but there were no takers because the people had agreed there would be no substitutions. 

So the King’s daughter was dressed in fine gown and led out to the marsh where the dragon lived.  After some time, Saint George happened along on his horse, dressed in full armor.  The saint asked the young lady what she was doing, and she begged him to leave so that he would not die as well.  But Saint George stayed with her, and when the dragon appeared, he attacked it and killed it with his lance.  The King offered Saint George half his Kingdom as a reward (seems to be a theme here) but the saint turned him down and went on his way.

Happy Saint George’s Day.