Many politicians on the “left” in American society seem ready and willing to attack our military for doing the work necessary to defend a free nation.  As someone famous once wrote, you sleep soundly tonight because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf.  Those rough men are necessary because there are other men, rough as well but without the scruples, who stand just as ready to do violence to destroy you. 

Congressman John Murtha is an exemplar.  Without any evidence in hand and while the ink on the tabloid reports was still wet, Murtha stood and accused US Marines at the battle of Haditha of criminal acts.  All but one of six Marines charged have been acquitted or had all charges dropped against them, and the final one faces a military tribunal accused of manslaughter after charges of murder were reduced.  Murtha is among the fattest fatcats in Congress slurping at a trough filled with your tax dollars.  Now his accusations against the Marines have proved unfounded.   What recourse will these rough men have against Murtha?

Unbelievably, the mainstream media has a report on Murtha’s time at the trough.  Porkman Murtha