I thought maybe this site could be all sort of serious and thoughtful and reflective and like that.  Problem is, I’m not serious and thoughtful and reflective, so this isn’t working out how I thought.  I figured I’d put all the “fun” stuff over on Bacon and Beer (see link above) and this site would be “inspiring” or something.  Inspired yet?  Me neither.

 Anyway, so the name of the Order is Montjoie.  What the hell is that?  It’s a French word that means “Mountain of Joy,” and it’s the name of a hill outside of Jerusalem where the warriors of the First Crusade first saw the Holy City (don’t you just love when the news media call every city in Iraq “the holy city of Podunk?”).  I may do a later piece on the hill of Montjoie.  It is a foundational place in my philosophy.  But that is only my philosophy.  This is a place for yours as well.

 OH HEY — Osama Hussein Bin Laden or his stand in released a new tape today complaining that the West is engaging in impolite warfare.  No really!  And the worst thing we’ve done?  Mohamed cartoons!  Oy vey.