You’ll see below in “Join the Order of Montjoie” a list of five “principles” in the Code of the Order.  Here’s some more.

  1.  We believe that truth is objective, not subjective.  It doesn’t “depend.”  Things happen.  They are what they are.  You can have opinions about them.  That part depends.  But facts are facts.
  2. We believe that, in the vast majority of cases, individuals are better at governing themselves than governments are.  This is what I call “American conservatism,” and it is actually not a conservative idea at all in the history of politics.  It is a revolutionary idea.  In fact, it’s the idea behind the American Revolution.  The current trend toward nanny state legalism is a regrettable return to statism and the rule of the “elite;” our betters who know what is good for us.  The Order of Montjoie is fiercely individualistic.

If you want to be a part of this Order and share your own principles, heroes, theories, news, etc., leave a comment or contact me about becoming a contributor to the site.