Western Civilization is superior?  By what standard do you measure that?  If you don’t accept Western ideals, or if you have some other ideals that conflict with those, isn’t Western Civilzation going to be worse than some other civilization by those standards?

 Yeah, whatever.  Let’s talk about King Alfred the Great. 

Many people don’t know about this guy.  He was King of a large part of southern England in the 800-900s.  He wrote laws, which he passed through a sort of “Parliament” of the day even though he didn’t have to, that provided for 1) universal education; 2) aid for the poor; 3) impartial court judgments; 4) increasing the power of the parliament at his own expense.

He also translated many books into the common language, with the object of increasing education among the English, and defeated the Danes in England and converted them to Christianity.  Although the Norman Conquest followed Alfred, the Common Law persisted. 

King Alfred fused the common law of the pagan Anglo-Saxons with the “equities” as he called them of the Hebraic Code and Chrisitian law.  In doing so, he created the foundation for what has become the Common Law of the English speaking peoples, the greatest and most important legal tradition in the history of Mankind, bar none.

See the unfortunately politically slanted but otherwise factually valuable, http://www.dr-fnlee.org/docs6/alfred/alfred.html