To join the Order of Montjoie as reconstituted in A.D. 2008, there is no priest to kneel to, no bishop to pay, and no oath of fealty to any man that need be made, other than fealty to yourself, and if you choose, to the Triune God.  There is no test of theological purity and no list of agreed points of dogma.  There is no political oath or party affiliation. 

But there is a Code.

The Code of the Order of Montjoie is internal.  Only you will ever know whether you are living in compliance.  Only you are the Judge.

 I’m not the Keeper of the Code.  We’ll have to come up with that together.  But I’ll give a first shot at it here.  If you like where this seems to be going and want to join the Order, send me an email or make a comment.  If you contact me and if you want to, I’ll put you on the list as a blog contributor.

The Code of the Order of Montjoie

  1. Those among us who believe in God are Trinitarians.  We believe in God the Father (Mother is also okay if you insist), God the Son (we can’t really wiggle on the gender there), and God the Holy Spirit.  In our own fashion, in reliance on our own judgment and on our own relationships with that God and other people, Christian or not, we strive to know, to serve, learn about and follow our God.  Those of us who do not believe still recognize that the Judeo-Christian tradition has brought innumerable benefits to Mankind, and recognize as we choose the best among those traditions and ideals and strive to keep those foremost in our hearts. 
  2. We treat all men (a non-gender specific term here) fairly, honestly, and with respect.  We reserve, however, the right to withdraw respect if a man’s actions warrant it; yet we always recognize that men can change and hold out hope that those from whom we have withdrawn our respect will prove once again to deserve it.
  3. We believe without reservation or apology that Western Civilization is superior.  Not perfect; superior.  Many complain about the “evils” done in the past and being done by Western nations today.  That’s easy.  At some point it even becomes childish.  We laugh at those who rely upon Western ideals and religious notions as their standard to complain about the horrors of Western Civilization and religion.  We do not believe that Western Civilization must replace other cultures.
  4. We recognize that what passes for tolerance is, in fact, only a degree or two warmer than utter disdain.  We are not tolerant of many things.  One who tolerates evil is an accessory to the crime.
  5. We remember who we are.

So there you go.   Feel free to add your own.